Welcome to Tom Womack's web pages

Who am I?

Hello, I'm Tom Womack. I'm in my mid-twenties, and I usually look somewhere between the person in the left-hand picture and the person in the right-hand one.

What do I do?

I do an assortment of things. I'm trying to finish a PhD in computational number theory; there's a bit about it here. While not writing the PhD, I try to do an assortment of the kind of things that would have made articles in computer magazines, back in the eighties when those magazines were about programming computers rather than purchasing them: here, and here.

I maintain a fairly comprehensive x86 FAQ, containing all you might want to know and many things you probably have no desire to know about the history of the microprocessors that power modern PCs. I have a fairly small collection of poetry by other people.

I am a reasonably keen, or at least prolific, amateur photographer, though I never quite seem to find the time to prepare the photos to a form I'm prepared to show to the public. I sing in the local choir. When I have the money and the time, I like to visit interesting foreign cities; when I have the time and not quite the money, I enjoy walking in the country. Neither of those are illustrated with as many of my photos as I feel they should be.

I read fairly prodigious amounts, mostly science fiction; whilst my eyesite is fairly dreadful, I gaze at the stars from time to time, and try to follow what's happening in the study of astronomy.